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How to Use Amazon Seller API India to Build and Manage Your Online Business

What is Amazon Seller API India and How to Use It?

If you are an Amazon seller or vendor in India, you might be interested in using Amazon Seller API (SP-API) India to automate and optimize your ecommerce operations. In this article, we will explain what is Amazon Seller API India, how to register and access it, and how to use it for various tasks such as uploading and downloading data, managing orders, sending messages, creating shipments, and more.

amazon seller api india

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Amazon Seller API India is a REST-based web service that allows you to programmatically integrate with Amazon's selling platform in India. You can use SP-API India to perform various tasks that you would normally do through Seller Central or Vendor Central, such as managing inventory, orders, pricing, reports, notifications, etc.

Some of the benefits of using Amazon Seller API India are:

  • You can automate and streamline your ecommerce workflows and processes.

  • You can access real-time data and insights from Amazon.

  • You can customize and enhance your selling experience on Amazon.

  • You can leverage Amazon's security and compliance standards.

Amazon Seller API India is available for both sellers and vendors who sell on marketplace. You can use SP-API India either as a self-developer or as a solution provider. A self-developer is someone who develops their own application using SP-API India. A solution provider is someone who offers a software or service that uses SP-API India on behalf of other sellers or vendors.

How to Register for Amazon Seller API India

Before you can use Amazon Seller API India, you need to register for it and get your credentials. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Make sure you meet the prerequisites for registering for SP-API India. You need to have an active seller or vendor account on marketplace, a developer account on Developer Central, an AWS account, and an LWA security profile.

  • Create and configure IAM policies and entities for your application. You need to create an IAM role that grants your application permission to access SP-API resources, and an IAM user that allows you to make AWS Signature Version 4 signed requests.

  • Register your application on Developer Central. You need to provide your application name, description, logo, developer ID, IAM ARN, LWA client ID, LWA client secret, redirect URI, etc.

  • Get your credentials from Developer Central. You need to copy your developer ID, IAM ARN, LWA client ID, LWA client secret, etc. You will use these credentials later to authorize and access SP-API India.

How to Access Amazon Seller API India

How to Use Amazon Seller API India

Amazon Seller API India provides various categories and operations that you can use to perform different tasks related to your selling business on marketplace. Some of the main SP-API categories and operations for India marketplace are:

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SP-API Category


Example Operations

A+ Content API

Allows you to create, update, and manage A+ Content for your product listings.

createContentDocument, getContentDocument, listContentDocumentAsinRelations

Authorization API

Allows you to authorize applications to access your selling data on your behalf.

getAuthorizationCode, getMarketplaceParticipations

Catalog Items API

Allows you to search for and retrieve information about products in the Amazon catalog.

listCatalogItems, getCatalogItem, listCatalogCategories

Easy Ship API

Allows you to manage your Easy Ship orders and shipments.

getShipmentSchedules, createScheduledPackage, getScheduledPackage, updateScheduledPackage, cancelScheduledPackage

FBA Inventory API

Allows you to manage your FBA inventory and get inventory summaries and details.

getInventorySummaries, getInventoryAdjustments, getInventoryCounts, getInventoryHealth

Feeds API

Allows you to upload data to Amazon to manage your selling business.

createFeedDocument, createFeed, getFeedDocument, getFeed, cancelFeed

Finances API

Allows you to retrieve financial information related to your selling account.

listFinancialEventGroups, listFinancialEventsByGroupId, listFinancialEventsByOrderId, listFinancialEventsByPostedAfterDateRange

Fulfillment Inbound API

Allows you to create and update inbound shipments of inventory to Amazon's fulfillment network.

createInboundShipmentPlan, createInboundShipment, updateInboundShipment, getInboundShipmentItemsByShipmentId, getPreorderInfo, confirmPreorder

Fulfillment Outbound API

Allows you to request fulfillment of customer orders placed through other sales channels using your inventory in Amazon's fulfillment network.

getFulfillmentPreview, createFulfillmentOrder, updateFulfillmentOrder, cancelFulfillmentOrder, getFulfillmentOrder, listAllFulfillmentOrdersByNextToken

Listings Items API

Allows you to create and manage listings for products that are already in the Amazon catalog.

putListingsItem, getListingsItemStatusBySellerSKU, getListingsItemStatusByQueryParameters, deleteListingsItemBySellerSKU, patchListingsItemBySellerSKU

Messaging API

Allows you to send messages to buyers who have placed orders from you on Amazon.

createAmazonMotorsRequest, createConfirmCustomizationDetailsRequest, createConfirmDeliveryDetailsRequest, createConfirmOrderDetailsRequest, createConfirmServiceDetailsRequest

Notifications API

Allows you to subscribe to notifications that are relevant to your selling business on Amazon.

createDestinationResourceSpecificationForSqsResourceSpecificationForSqsResourceSpecificationForSqsResourceSpecificationForSqsResourceSpecificationForSqsResourceSpecificationForSqsResourceSpecificationForSqsResourceSpecificationForSqsResourceSpecificationForSqsResourceSpecificationForSqsResourceSpecificationForSqsResourceSpecificationForSqsResourceSpecificationForSqsResourceSpecificationForSqsResourceSpecificationForSqsResourceSpecificationForSqsResourceSpecificationForSqsResourceSpecificationForSqsResourceSpecificationForSqsResourceSpecificationForSqsResourceSpecificationForSqsResourceSpecificationForSqsResourceSpecificationForSqsResourceSpecificationForSqsResourceSpecificationForSqsResourceSpecificationForSqsResourceSpecificationForSqsResourceSpecificationForSqsResourceSpecificationForSqs createDestination, createSubscription, getSubscription, deleteSubscription, getSubscriptionById

Orders API

Allows you to retrieve information about orders and order items that are placed by customers on Amazon.

getOrders, getOrder, getOrderBuyerInfo, getOrderAddress, getOrderItems, getOrderItemsBuyerInfo

Product Fees API

Allows you to estimate the fees that Amazon charges for selling products on Amazon.

getMyFeesEstimateForSKU, getMyFeesEstimateForASIN

Product Pricing API

Allows you to retrieve pricing information for products that you sell on Amazon.

getPricing, getCompetitivePricing, getListingOffers, getItemOffers

Reports API

Allows you to download data from Amazon to manage your selling business.

createReport, getReport, cancelReport, getReportDocument, getReports

Sales API

Allows you to retrieve sales performance metrics for your selling account.

getOrderMetrics, getSalesSnapshot



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