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Parker Campbell
Parker Campbell

Dead Space [PAL][NTSC-U][ISO] =LINK=

You'll be ready for the latest feature film workflows with support for advanced HDR standards. All HDR status information is embedded into the SDI connections so downstream equipment can detect when HDR files are played. When recording, the SDI and HDMI inputs will also automatically detect HDR video standards and then tag the files with the correct HDR information. Static metadata PQ and HLG formats are handled according to the ST2084 standard. Plus the front panel LCD has a wider color gamut for both Rec. 2020 and Rec. 709 colorspaces. HyperDeck Studio Plus and Pro models even allow you to load a 3D LUT into the monitoring output to add looks or to convert film to video gamma.

Dead Space [PAL][NTSC-U][ISO]

Download Zip:

HyperDeck Studio includes professional multi channel SDI audio for recording up to 16 channels. When recording from the SDI input, you can select in the menu to record 2, 4, 8 or 16 channels of audio in real time. There's extra space on the SDI monitoring status overlay, which allows the audio meter display to show the number of channels you have enabled all at the same time, and the audio meters will show 2, 4, 8 or 16 channels simultaneously. The audio meters are designed to use the correct ballistics, and you can change between different VU and PPM meter displays in the LCD menu. HyperDeck Studio is more than just a video recorder, as it also has fantastic sound!

Now, there is always going to be a catch with a sub $2,000 USD hybrid mirrorless camera. With the S5 you can only record in Long GOP, there are no ALL-I modes like on the S1H. In saying that, the bit depth and color space are a lot more important than the difference between Long GOP and ALL-I.

I tested with slog3 and used ACES color space under davinci. Everything works beautiful. There is no shift between quicktime, VLC and the uploads to Vimeo, youtube look identical between safari and chrome. 041b061a72


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