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VALORANT Mobile: The Most Anticipated 5v5 Tactical Shooter for Android

Ever since hints of a Valorant Mobile Game surfaced, the community has gone berserk thinking about the possibility of playing Valorant in your mobile phones. Yesterday, the internet was taken by surprise when screenshots of Valorant Mobile getting private tested on Google Play Store appeared.

VALORANT Mobile APK is a shortened version of the game of the same genre on the PC platform. However, shortening here means changing in some aspects to better suit mobile devices, the rest of the gameplay will remain the same compared to usual. Let us learn more about this game now.

valorant mobile download google play

If the games of the traditional MOBA genre have bored you, try the VALORANT Mobile experience. This is a game that is said to be the perfect combination of CS: GO and Overwatch on mobile platforms. This is a relatively bold move from the publisher Riot Games and the PC version of this game has been really successful when it comes to being loved by players around the world.

VALORANT Mobile appeared in the present time with the aim of helping players enjoy the game on more devices. Basically, everything in the mobile version is kept the same compared to the PC version to make it easy for players to get used to in a short period of time. Currently, this game has not yet set an official release date on the mobile market. So you need to wait a little longer to be able to enjoy it.

Experience the electrifying world of VALORANT right on your mobile device with the VALORANT Mobile APK. This captivating mobile version of the widely celebrated VALORANT game delivers the excitement and intensity of the original right to your smartphone or tablet. In this article, we will explore the fantastic aspects of this mobile APK, explain the process of downloading and installing it, and provide suggestions for a gratifying and immersive gaming experience.

VALORANT Mobile APK presents an unmatched gaming experience for fans of the original VALORANT game. With its authentic gameplay, impressive graphics, diverse agent roster, and thrilling multiplayer battles, this mobile version is the ultimate gaming indulgence for players seeking an exciting and memorable journey. Download the APK today and explore the enthralling universe of VALORANT!

The rumors that VALORANT mobile is expected to be released in 2024 are all over the internet, and leaks even suggested that the game was already being tested at the Google Play Store. Released in 2020, the game is available exclusively for PC, but after Riot published job openings related to console and mobile development, the fans of the five-vs-five tactical shooter title are anxiously waiting to be able to play their favorite game on multiple devices. But while the official release date is not announced, players can enjoy plenty of mobile games similar to VALORANT.

This mobile FPS is modern and futuristic, combining cooperative shooting gameplay with fast-paced matches. It also comes with character classes and abilities, fitting neatly into the hero shooter genre with VALORANT. The sci-fi mobile shooter is a free-to-play game available at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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VALORANT took the world by storm during COVID. While most of the world was stuck in their houses, Riot Games made the decision to launch their first-ever shooter and first game outside of the League of Legends Universe. Ever since, the game has become a major hit with players all around the world hoping on to play it. Now, Riot Games is hoping to reach an even bigger audience with the mobile version. Here is when the VALORANT Mobile Release Date could be.

It would seem as though Riot Games is going all-in on mobile gaming. Just in the past few years they have added Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics and now League of Legends to their mobile arsenal. For fans of Riot Games who may not have great computers or who may want to play these games while on the go, they are getting their wish.

For this list of the best mobile games like Valorant, we will pick out what we think fits closest to how the game plays and feels. Most of these games are graphics-heavy just like Valorant, so you might want to grab a dedicated gaming phone for a better gaming experience.

A great game by itself, Cyber Hunter would probably be higher on this list if a few issues were addressed. The three biggest problems are the lack of US players (since the game is more popular in China and SEA), the lack of good moderation since hackers are present in most matches, and the lack of proper balancing between PC players and mobile players.

The gameplay experience of Valorant Mobile is expected to be quite similar to what you get in PC. Players could start as a squad of 5 players on a map with options to buy weapons, equipment, and shields. Then, the squad that eliminates their opponents or defuses the Spike wins. Just like the PC version, Valorant Mobile will have various characters like Sage, Jett, Yoru, Omen, and others who come with special tactical abilities that assist in combat. Along with these, the game may also come with mobile-exclusive modes, similar to what you can see in Apex Legends Mobile.

Valorant Mobile may support cross-platform progression, allowing you to switch platforms and carry over progression on PC as well as mobile. The game may not support cross-play where mobile players can compete against PC players, as it would not be fair. PC players are likely to have an advantage over mobile players, with more intuitive controls and higher frame rates.

A reliable leaker name DannyINTEL recently shared that a VALORANT Mobile playtest is ongoing on Google Play. However, only a limited number of permitted players will be able to download this game as it is currently in a private beta testing phase.

With what indicators did the mobile games market come to 2023, the year of the first crisis phenomena and the slowdown in the growth of the mobile market as a whole. According to data for the first quarter of 2023, we are seeing an increase in gamer spending and therefore an increase in the profitability of mobile games. Mobile gamers currently spend about $1.63 billion and download nearly 1.2 billion games a week worldwide.

We will continue to follow the trends in the gaming industry, and soon, you will find a detailed review of the most downloaded mobile games on Google Play over the past year. We keep you updated with changes, updates, and insights.

Valorant Mobile is being tested on the Google Play Store as per the reports. Ever since Riot Games official announcement regarding the development of Valorant for mobile devices, players have been keenly waiting to get their hands on the game officially.

Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to buy valorant points with Google play credits. I have some money from Google opinion rewards but there's no in game option for me to pay with Google and I don't play any mobile games that I want to spend money on. Hoping someone else has some experience with this. I'm in Canada BTW if that matters. Thanks!

PUBG Mobile is one of the most played mobile games around the world. The battle royale title has been a sensation ever since its release back in March 2018. Since then, the game has received countless updates and has a flourishing esports scene. You can download the game on Android devices through the Google Play Store. If this doesn't work, you can also directly install the PUBG Mobile APK file.

The previously known League+ mobile application was launched with the outlook to provide users with a multi-game functionality within the app for those who play a host of games developed by Riot Games. However, after the success of its multiple game titles, including Valorant, the developers are proud to announce this app that will allow players to check stats, get newsletters, and more!

Do you want to play a mobile game with a keyboard and mouse? You will no longer need to use an emulator soon, as Google has unveiled the Play Games Beta to give players the ability to play mobile games on PC natively.

You can play League of Legends: Wild Rift by downloading the game from Uptodown, which offers the most up-to-date APK file with the latest version. Just tap the "download" button to install the game.

You can explore single and multiplayer games from 25+ categories on From Adventure, Arcade, PvP, to Strategy and Simulation, just pick your favorite title and start playing instantly without any download or install.

Player feedback has been the critical component to ensure we are delivering real value to players. Please help us help you by using the hashtag #helloriotmobile on Twitter so we can use your feedback to further improve the Riot Mobile experience. Or share your feedback directly on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Valorant Mobile is a new mobile version of the popular PC game from Riot Games. Time to plunge headfirst into the cool graphics and the atmosphere of endless firefights, where you are divided into 2 groups of 5 people by roles. Upgrade abilities with experience gained - for killing the enemy, planting a bomb (spike) or demining.Several maps, which carried over from the PC version of the game, explore the corners, stashes and complex elements of the map to use properly the abilities (skills) of your hero to the maximum.A large selection of weapons, intense combat between players, where you can win with your skill or tactics with the team.Max your abilities, raise your level and get the maximum amount of game currency per round to buy more powerful weapons and start destroying everyone on the map.If you've played Valorant at least once, then we recommend that you definitely try the following games: Warzone mobile - A mobile version of the popular battle royale. PUBG Mobile - Another mobile version of the battle royale, but from another studio. Battlefield Mobile - advanced battlefield battles where you have to show your skills. Rainbow Six Mobile - battles in tight spaces and maps, where you have to overpower your opponent thanks to your accuracy. Apex Legends Mobile is a multiplayer battle royale game that has managed to compete with such a giant as PUBG Mobile.


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