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You Don't Know Me

Cindy Walker, who had supplied Eddy with "Take Me in Your Arms and Hold Me" (a number-one country record in 1949 and Eddy's first Cindy Walker release), recalled discussing the idea for "You Don't Know Me" with Eddy as she was leaving one of Nashville's annual disc-jockey conventions. "I went up to the Victor suite to tell Steve Sholes good-bye," she explained, "and just as I was leaving, Eddy came in the door." Arnold approached Walker with the title of the song: "I got a song title for you... 'You Don't Know Me.'" Walker, in jest, replied "But I know you!" to which Arnold retorted he was serious and proceeded to outline the story he had in mind. Walker promised to take Arnold's story and think about how to turn it into workable lyrics and melody, which eventually came naturally. "The song just started singing. It sort of wrote itself..."

You Don't Know Me

People, it is hypothesized, show an asymmetry in assessing their own interpersonal and intrapersonal knowledge relative to that of their peers. Six studies suggested that people perceive their knowledge of their peers to surpass their peers' knowledge of them. Several of the studies explored sources of this perceived asymmetry, especially the conviction that while observable behaviors (e.g., interpersonal revelations or idiosyncratic word completions) are more revealing of others than self, private thoughts and feelings are more revealing of self than others. Study 2 also found that college roommates believe they know themselves better than their peers know themselves. Study 6 showed that group members display a similar bias-they believe their groups know and understand relevant out-groups better than vice versa. The relevance of such illusions of asymmetric insight for interpersonal interaction and our understanding of "naive realism" is discussed.

Dushane, Sully and Jaq are at Taylor's house. Sully is recovering and taking out the bullets in his left forearm. Jaq tells Taylor that she hasn't got to worry as they are getting revenge for what happened to Sully. Taylor doesn't care as she doesn't like the lifestyle. Sully tells Jaq to wait in the car. Taylor tells Sully that she doesn't want any drama and wants him out the house before Tash gets home. Sully and Dushane are sat talking about who was leaking information. Sully blames Jaq but then Dushane tells her it wouldn't be her and also Dushane says it isn't Lizzie as they don't know the address to give Lizzie. They then find out that the snake is actually Dris so they make a plan to figure out on Dris.

Modie is in the hideout with Jamie, Lizzie and Jermaine. Modie's eye gets worse, Jermaine is on the phone to a dodgy doctor called Doctor Cicero about Modie's eye. Modie puts a gun to Lizzie and forces Lizzie to give up her supplier. Jermaine lets Modie know that Doctor. Cicero is willing to meet Modie to sort his vision out. Modie tells Lizzie when he gets back he wants more information on the supplier. Modie makes his way to see the doctor.

Jaq, Dushane and Sully are at the petrol station. Dushane makes a plan and uses another way to weaken Jamie. Dushane asks Jaq info on Jamie's brothers on how to get to them. Jaq advises against it as Jamie has CCTV cameras and ZT will be waiting for them. Sully said he doesn't want to harm any kids. Dushane tells Sully that he is not going to harm any kids and always know there is another way but Sully doesn't really like the plan.

Jaq informs Dushane that Ats planted the bag. Dushane and Sully test out Dris by ringing him where to meet them at Number One Cafe. Dushane calls the police to get them to go to Jamie's flat. They both go back to their car. Dris rings Jamie and lets him know where Dushane and Sully are at. Jamie asks Farah to ring Si and tell him to meet at the Number One Cafe ASAP.

Dushane comes in to visit Jamie in prison, he makes a proposition for Jamie. Jamie shows him the CCTV of Ats with the bag. Dushane tells Jamie to get his lawyer and speak about Ats and he will get out. Dushane tells Jamie to let him know if he wants to do 20 years. In return if Jamie gets out he will come and work for him. Dushane is walking out of the prison.

This is the ultimate ploy: no embossed mailings, no telemarketing - just get out the word that head captains will fawn over you and that you can crash airport lines, and success will follow. I know. I finally tracked down the American Express black-card desk and was told by an exotic-sounding voice, "We are sorry, but membership invitations are closed for the year. You may try again next January."

Parents need to know that the protagonist deals with serious abuse at the hands of his mother's live-in boyfriend. Fourteen-year-old John is an easy character to feel sorry for and root for as he deals with everyday problems, and larger ones, like the abuse. Alienated and angry, John briefly considers suicide. Some profanity and sexual references as well.

The tweet didn't sit well with Shaq, who responded to Kanye, writing, "Believe me you don't know me like that. Worry about your business, and to quote the once great Kanye west " I got more money than you, so why would i listen to you" take my advice get your family business in order. Have a great day brother."

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Sure, these algorithms know me, they know me so, so well. But they also see me as a sort of static being, my tastes are my tastes. Except I'm not a robot. I change all the time and sometimes to my surprise.

All these lists of algorithm-driven, cherry-picked "choices," though, make me nervous that I'm missing the magic of serendipity. My previous decisions potentially shielding me from the undiscovered country, from things I didn't know I would like until I tried them.

Isn't funny that most of us can recognize that Facebook has us each trapped in our own confirmation bubble, but don't see the same when we accept choices made for us on countless retail and subscriptions sites?

I shop almost exclusively at Nordstrom Rack. I am pleased to constantly be 1-Year plus 1-Season behind the fashionisto's (I just coined that phrase) that I see in GQ. I have a Nordstrom Card, an Online Account, share all of my private information with them and ultimately subscribe to their emails. But Nordstrom Rack doesn't know me... or maybe they are just pretending.

Nordstrom Rack does know me. They know what I've bought, when I've bought it and where I've bought it. Additionally, they are aware of my size, my color preferences, my brand favorites and my shopping frequency. Further down the funnel they know my average cart size, my average item cost and the discounts I typically like to shop. 041b061a72


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